Why now is the best time to be a travel agent! 

Now more than ever, consumers value genuine human connection and customer service.

These are two of the main value propositions consumers consider when choosing to book travel through a professional travel agent. You don't have to go far in any retail setting these days to find out how important having someone to bounce ideas off and have your questions answered. When you embark on your new career as a professional travel agent, you can point to other industries that, unfortunately, are having a hard time providing consumers with the customer service they expect and demand. As a professional travel agent, you are your customer's trusted advocate and get to guide your travellers step by step through the travel buying process to ensure trip expectations are met, and customer service is delivered. 

Below are five additional reasons why you should consider a career as a professional travel agent today! 

Travel demand has never been higher, and people value moments over things. 

  • If the previous year's events taught us anything, its perspective and people's perspective on what they truly value has changed forever. 

People value customer service more than ever.

  • Having someone in your corner when buying quality goods and services these days is paramount. When purchasing travel in today's environment, it is critical. With ever-changing policies and inevitable hiccups, having a travel agent in your corner is key. 

Consumers are looking for an advocate that acts in their best interest. 

  • Professional travel agents work for the traveller, not the supplier or an enormous online travel company. Travel agents get to know their clients and work on their behalf to deliver the ideal vacation experience. 

Third-party travel suppliers are investing in travel agents through increased commissions/compensation, marketing support, and travel opportunities.

  •  Suppliers like cruise lines, tour operators, beach resorts, and hoteliers are leveraging down and investing in the travel agency distribution channel more than ever. Many understand that consumers are flocking to travel agents to book travel, and they want to ensure they have made the necessary investments for travel agents to be prepared to service the consumer demand.

Fun and Engaging 

  •  Isn't this really what it's all about? Becoming a travel agent allows you to make both money and memories for yourself and deliver travel experiences to your customers that they will remember for a lifetime. Why wouldn't you want to become a travel agent right? 


Before you begin the next steps in pursuing your new career in travel, we encourage you to visit Travel Agent Essentials and obtain a base level knowledge of the travel industry. Travel Agent Essentials will help lay the foundation for how you want to structure and pursue your new career while giving you the tools necessary to hit the ground running quickly!


More about Travel Agent Essentials is below:


Travel Agent Essentials is a series of structured, on-demand modules combined with live web-based group reviews facilitated by an ACTA Education Specialist. Travel Agent Essentials delivers a very diverse curriculum of topics and practical takeaways that will provide a foundation of the industry and allow you to hit the ground running. After completing the Travel Agent Essential program, you'll have the skills, knowledge, and confidence you will need to begin and thrive in your new career.


With so many career options, a fundamental understanding of the industry is critical. Many agents, through continuous education, have seen career paths accelerate from starting with entry-level education (TAE) Travel Agent Essentials to (CTC) Certified Travel Counsellor to (CTM) Certified Travel Manager. The Travel Industry is the largest in the world, and as you can imagine, the opportunities are endless with the right education and imagination. 


In addition to ACTA and its Travel Agent Essentials program, the industry also has ACTA Member host agencies for independent contractors, travel agency employee, and in-person community college programs,


Regardless of your educational pursuits, ACTA will undoubtedly be part of your path as we advocate on your behalf and applaud your success! 


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